About Me

Kris here, and it’s my pleasure.

I’m the founder/manager of Showsotros Productions and The Seeds of Books.me_phone

This is a simple blog laying down philosophy-like thoughts on various topics, most of which I experience(d) and/or question. Plus, it’s a personal opportunity to express myself behind the mask when not working/operating my websites, getting customers/viewers/fans to know me better.

I work full-time as media (video) editor/duplicator for a private company, as video production has been my chalice of tea since I was 14. I’ve used MGI VideoWave to Edius, up there with Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere. For my own projects I have personally worked on and produced, I’ve made 175+ from school projects to podcasts and continues growing. On the side, along with blogging here, I watch and review TV shows and movies, read and write book reviews and do occasional photography. Currently, I’m teaching myself Autodesk Maya, and possibly Cinema 4D, (mainly 3D motion graphics), refresh my “amazing” programming skills such as C/C++, learning math history, and being a Pokemon master.

My goal is reaching out and connecting with others who variably reason and express thoughts about the goings-on in everyday life; I also like to reach out to fellow introverts, who I’m sure, share the same intellect and mindset I’ve written here. Plus, some extras that I normally don’t talk about on my website.

There’s no such thing as having learned too much. For as long as Time scrolls is the length one must keep on learning.

As for the blog name, it’s a lyric derived from the song “Badman’s Song” by Tears For Fears. (Yes, I’m a huge fan of Tears For Fears.)

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These days, it's all in the mind.

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